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The Platform — Your Resource for Parts and Information

Blog: The Platform — Your Resource for Parts and Information

Dec 7, 2022
Product Information
Just like The Toolbox, The Platform is one of Snorkel’s outlets for machine owners who are looking for information. In addition, The Platform also offers users the option to order parts online.
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Big Deck Scissor Walkaround

Video: Big Deck Scissor Walkaround

Nov 9, 2022
In the latest Toolbox video service manager Tony Deatherage will take you step by step through the operations and functions of a big-deck scissor lift
Learn More ›
 Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic Fluid

Oct 12, 2022
Service & Maintenance
This article will provide guidance on maintaining hydraulic fluid cleanliness. The charts in this article show several scenarios ranked by severity. Each level is determined by examining the PPM levels detected through the fluid analysis findings. These are a few examples of fluid contamination or mechanical failure scenarios. General knowledge of all components on the machine is required.
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In his article, Tony covers the different types of test kits available, how they’re used, and why you need them.

Fluid Sampling

Sep 28, 2022
Service & Maintenance
In this edition of the Snorkel Toolbox, service manager Tony Deatherage explains the importance of fluid sampling. In his article, Tony covers the different types of test kits available, how they’re used, and why you need them.
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Snorke Onboard Diagnostics Training

Video: Onboard Diagnostics

Sep 14, 2022
In this episode of The Toolbox, Snorkel service manager Tony Deatherage discusses the onboard diagnostics system for Snorkel equipment.
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Toolbox Talks Tony Deatherage

Video: DVOM - Low Amperage Testing

Aug 31, 2022
In the fourth and final installment of our DVOM series, Tony Deatherage talks about low-amperage testing. In this video, Tony covers proper settings as well as connections of meter leads and ports, and takes you through the testing process step by step using a coil with spool and a 12-volt power supply.
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Dakotah Morphy

On the Tools: Meet Dakotah Murphy

Aug 17, 2022
Meet the Team
Dakotah Murphy has been with Snorkel since 2011 and works in Elwood, KS, as a product support manager.
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Lynn Guess, Global Technical Publications Manager

On the Tools: Lynn Guess, Global Technical Publications Manager

Aug 4, 2022
Meet the Team
Starting out as a technical writer, Lynn Guess has been in the industry for 31 years, including 22 years working for Snorkel. Other industries Lynn has worked in include utilities, construction and aircraft-deicer boom lifts.
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On the Tools: Meet Ryan Karl

On the Tools: Meet Ryan Karl

Jul 20, 2022
Meet the Team
Ryan Karl is the online publications administrator for Snorkel and has been with the company since 2015. Prior to joining Snorkel, he attended Hillyard Technical Center for four years for computer-aided drafting & design (CADD).
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VIDEO: DVOM – How to Check Resistance

VIDEO: DVOM – How to Check Resistance

Jul 6, 2022
In part three of our series on the ins and outs of multimeters, Snorkel service manager Tony Deatherage demonstrates how to check resistance levels to see how voltage is flowing. Tony discusses setup of the meter, testing with a resistor, checking resistance on coils, and evaluating resistance continuity between components.
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