Mini Material Lifts

High specification mini material lifts from Snorkel offer a reduced height mast and narrow design that can be easily maneuvered, even when stowed. For easy material handling, Snorkel’s mini material lifts features an innovative dual handle, shift-on-the-fly, two-speed winch to quickly raise loads.


The Snorkel ML12M mini material lift is up to the task. Featuring a shorter mast, this lift easily fits through interior doorways. Built with durable aluminum, the ML12M is robust and reliable for industrial and warehouse applications.


The Snorkel ML16M mini material lift can handle heavy tasks. Quick-fold stabilizers offer safe and secure material lifting in industrial and warehouse applications. Heavy-duty non-marking casters are also fitted as standard. With a slim design, the ML16M can pass through a single doorway.


The Snorkel ML20M mini material lift raises standards in material lifting. Ideal for industrial and warehouse applications, a dual handle, shift-on-the-fly, two-speed winch quickly raises loads to increase productivity. A reduced height mast is designed to pass through a single doorway without tilting back. This lift is also built with durable aluminum for a long working life.