On The Tools: Lynn Guess, Global Technical Publications Manager

On The Tools: Lynn Guess, Global Technical Publications Manager

Lynn Guess, Global Technical Publications ManagerStarting out as a technical writer, Lynn Guess has been in the industry for 31 years, including 22 years working for Snorkel. Other industries Lynn has worked in include utilities, construction and aircraft-deicer boom lifts.

What are your core responsibilities?

I provide guidance to the publications team to ensure accurate and on-time document delivery to our customers worldwide.

How does your role support customers?

My role as a publications team member involves production of operator’s manuals and document translation for end users. The publications team supports the customer by providing technical bulletins as well as maintaining The Platform for online parts ordering and document download.

My role is simplified by the desire and commitment of the team to succeed. Collectively we have more than 75 years of industry experience in publications, parts and service. With our dedication, experience and management support, we have a great team that strives daily to be responsive to our customers’ needs.

What aspects of customer service make Snorkel unique?

Our network of company-owned rental locations makes Snorkel customer service very unique from other manufacturers in the industry. We have a very direct link to receive feedback from end users.

In your opinion, what does Snorkel do differently from competitors to elevate the work-at-height industry?

We capitalize on information from our rental location network to enhance our products by applying direct input from the end user.

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