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Accessory Packages

Accessory Packages

Enhance your Snorkel with accessory packages designed for various applications. All Snorkel accessory packages are factory installed to meet the highest quality standards.

Easily move machines around a jobsite with a complete Tow Kit. Attach the included safety chain to the tow bar, and use the float valve and steering link to easily steer.

An enhanced bumpguard system features rubberized liner for added safety while working on and around aircrafts. The Deluxe Aircraft Package includes a sensor-activated bumpguard with enhanced padding, front-mounted tow kit for easy transportation and fall arrest protection. Components are also painted in safety yellow to enhance visibility.

Available in 2.5, 3.5 and 10kW, customizable power outlets make for easy work at height. Also conveniently included in the Generator Package are a platform welder bracket and hydraulic oil cooler for various applications.

To enhance performance in low temperatures, the Cold Weather Package includes an electric block heater that preheats engine coolant and a hydraulic warm-up kit to circulate and heat oil.

Fully loaded and ready for welding, the 12k Generator Welder Package features a durable, hydraulically driven generator and heavy-duty Lincoln V275-5 welder.

In addition to a block heater and hydraulic warm-up kit, the Extreme Cold Weather Package provides even more protection in frigid conditions. An electric heat pad insulates the battery to allow for a quick start, and synthetic oil helps prevent engine wear for long-lasting performance.

For safe operation when working on or around aircraft, the Aircraft Bumpguard System helps provide all-around protection. A pressure-sensitive switch within the rail padding will shut off machine operations if contact is made from any direction.

Providing visibility for working in low light, the Lights Package includes heavy-duty, low-energy LED work lights. Bright, long-lasting work lights are mounted to the platform, control panel and counterweight for easy driving and operating any time of day.

Equipped for tunneling work, the Tunnel Package outfits the machine with durable 3.5kW hydraulic generator, along with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a spark arrestor to reduce emissions. For a long working life, an engine block heater maintains battery life and an air pre-cleaner extends filter life.

Equipped with a 3500 psi pressure washer package, operators can wash large surfaces. Large water tanks mounted on either side of the chassis hold up to 400 gallons of water with a basket-mounted hose reel for maximum wand movement and maneuverability in confined spaces.

Protecting against debris and other harmful objects, the Extreme Environment Package keeps machines running smoothly in rough terrain. The sandblast protection kit shields all critical moving parts in protective nylon covers. Class-leading boom wiper seals keep debris out of boom sections for a long working life.

Designed for the utility industry, the Utility Package, which is available on boom lifts, includes an aluminum platform with swing gate and Snorkel Guard, two grounding loops and a 2kW AC generator. Conveniently located on either side of the chassis are two copper grounding loops to ground the machine electrically.

Designed by Snorkel’s in-house engineering team, the Snorkel guard system features a spring-loaded rail mounted above the platform controls, which cuts-out machine operations when pressure is applied.

Designed for safe working with glass, the Glazier Package features easy-to-install attachments. Rubber-lined, steel tray hooks with snap pins make for easy mounting. Secure fragile materials with enhanced platform rail padding and heavy-duty straps. All components can be detached and placed in the included storage box when not in use.

Designed to provide protection against damage when working on or around aircraft, the bumpguard system will shut off machine operations if contact is made. The Aircraft Package also includes an easy access swing gate and a tow kit for use around the airport.