Snorkel Guard Secondary Guarding System

Designed by Snorkel’s in-house engineering team, the Snorkel guard system features a spring-loaded rail mounted above the platform controls, which cuts-out machine operations when pressure is applied.

If the operator is able, they can restore power using the override switch in the platform. Alternatively, the ground controls can be used to lower the platform.

Snorkel Guard™ is fitted as standard on all new build Snorkel boom lifts.

A retrofit kit is available for most Snorkel booms in the field.

Retofit kit includes

  • Snorkel Guard™ rail
  • Mounting brackets
  • Fixings
  • Installation guide

NOTE: Snorkel Guard™ retrofit kits are painted Snorkel orange as standard. If special colors are required, please request this at the time of ordering.

Download Snorkel Guard brochure: