On The Tools: Meet Fun Fook Wai

On The Tools: Meet Fun Fook Wai

On The Tools: Meet Fun Fook Wai
Fun Fook Wai, product support engineer

Fun Fook Wai has been a product support engineer for Snorkel since 2007. Based in Singapore, he provides regional product support to Snorkel customers in the Asia Pacific area.

Trained and certified as a seagoing engineer in the marine and offshore industries for 40 years, Fun brought his extensive experience to the aerial lift industry. He provides training as well as technical support with troubleshooting, addressing safety issues and warranty services to help reduce downtime.

“My role is to bridge the gap between Snorkel’s standards, best practices and customer expectations to enable owners and operators to operate lifts in a safe and productive manner,” said Fun.

What makes Snorkel unique?
Complete accessibility to the Snorkel product support team is what makes us unique.

How does Snorkel elevate the work at height industry?
Snorkel is more innovative in providing new ideas and concepts that fulfill customer needs, especially in more recent years.

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