On The Tools: Meet Daniel Wilkinson

On The Tools: Meet Daniel Wilkinson

Daniel Wilkinson, Spare Parts Manager for the EMEA Region

Daniel Wilkinson is the Snorkel spare parts manager for the EMEA region. He leads a team that serves as the direct point of contact for after sales parts ordering throughout Europe and the Middle East. 

From Snorkel’s Vigo Center in the UK, Daniel is responsible for staff training, managing inventory, delivery performance and spare parts sales. For his role, Daniel combines his background in business marketing and parts management experience for one of the UK’s leading aftermarket component suppliers for earth moving equipment.

The Snorkel spare parts team for the EMEA region consists of sales coordinators, technical spares support and warehouse operatives. Daniel actively undertakes visits throughout the area to provide support for Snorkel distributors and customers.

What makes Snorkel unique?
We make it personal. As a team, we appreciate that any unexpected downtime is costly and is the last thing on your agenda. From our network of distribution partners to our dynamic online support tools and experienced team, Snorkel will do what it takes to get you working again quickly.

How does Snorkel elevate the work at height industry?
Simple and progressive innovation. Our customer feedback directly drives our development of safe, simple to operate and durable equipment, backed up by world-class support.

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