Snorkel TCB And TSB Bulletins Explained

Snorkel TCB And TSB Bulletins Explained

Snorkel TCB and TSB Bulletins ExplainedFor owners and operators of Snorkel lifts, it is important to stay up to date on product improvements and safety related issues. The Platform by Snorkel contains Technical Communications Bulletins (TCB’s) and Technical Safety Bulletins (TSB’s) for review and implementation.

Any customer action(s) that may be required is determined by the bulletin type and priority level.

Technical Safety Bulletins

TSB’s have the highest priority level of any bulletin issued. These typically require immediate action by the owner of the unit affected.

In most cases, a TSB will contain a serial number list for affected units. These bulletins will also include a return sheet that must be completed and returned to Snorkel Product Support for documentation.

In the event that return sheets are not received by Snorkel Product Support in a timely manner, owners will be contacted directly.

Technical Communications Bulletins

TCB’s are assigned different priority levels ranging from P1 to P4.

  • P1: Must be completed at your earliest opportunity.
  • P2: Recommended to be completed at the next scheduled service.
  • P3: Product improvements to be completed as needed.
  • P4: Instructions only.


Technical communications bulletins assigned as P1 are issues or concerns that need to be addressed quickly but are not a safety risk. This type of bulletin needs to be completed as soon as the owner can get it scheduled. This level of priority typically includes a return form that must be submitted to Snorkel Product Support.


Technical communications bulletins assigned as P2 are issues or concerns that need to be addressed but have a lower priority and can be completed at the next scheduled service. Some P2 bulletins may include a return form that will be explained in the body of the TCB.


Technical communications bulletins assigned as P3 are product improvements. In these instances, suggested upgrades to original part(s) on the unit are based on engineering recommendations for improved performance. These modifications are highly recommended but not required and are typically completed at the owner’s cost.


Technical communications bulletins assigned as P4 are instructions only. These provide detailed and specific instructions required while performing certain repairs. Such TCB’s are available to assist technicians in a wide range of tasks.

To view all bulletins, visit The Platform at theplatform.snorkellifts.com.

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