MEWP Training Requirements Under The New ANSI Standards

MEWP Training Requirements Under The New ANSI Standards

At a Glance ANSI A92 StandardsIn a previous edition of the Toolbox, engineering requirements for the new ANSI A92 standard was discussed. This edition discusses the ANSI A92.24 standard on training requirements for use, operation, and specific operator inspection for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).

The primary purpose of any training is to educate and prevent personal injury and accidents through detailed and consistent training. Per ANSI A92.24, proper training and familiarization is required for the safe operation of MEWPs. Training needs to be delivered by a qualified person and in a language understood by the trainee.

Training Requirements

Manufacturers shall develop and offer training material to aid in the compliance of all required personnel with their responsibilities for training and familiarization. Upon request, manufacturers shall offer familiarization at delivery to a person designated by the receiving party.

Dealers/owners shall train and familiarize and have proof of training/familiarization for all who are authorized to operate MEWP’s:

  • When requested by the user, shall offer familiarization to the designated to receive the MEWP’s.
  • When selling, leasing, renting or otherwise provides a MEWP for beneficial use, shall offer operator training or advise where training may be obtained.

Personnel who directly supervise MEWP operators must be trained in:

  • Proper selection of MEWP for the work performed
  • Rules, regulations and standards applying to the MEWP, including training, familiarization and safe use
  • Identifying and protecting against potential hazards associated with use of the MEWP
  • Proper storage and knowledge of manufacturer’s operation manuals in weatherproof compartment

An entity on the work platform must be trained in the following, with at least one occupant trained in the operation of controls in an emergency where the operator is physically not able to operate the MEWP safely.

  • Use, location and limits of fall protection and fall protection anchors
  • How actions could affect stability
  • Safe use of MEWP accessories
  • Knowledge of safety plans and site-specific work procedures, including cases of emergency
  • Manufacturer warnings and instructions

The curriculum for operator training needs to incorporate the following:


  • Proper MEWP selection for the job
  • Location and use of the operator’s manual
  • Purpose and requirement of familiarization
  • Warning, caution and danger decals
  • Annual inspection discussion
  • Pre-start inspection
  • Workplace/environmental inspection
  • What to do when a MEWP malfunctions
  • Knowing and understanding stability and how outside forces effect stability
  • Avoidance and recognition of hazards associated with operation and work to be performed
  • Controls, features and characteristics of the group and type of MEWP
  • Use of appropriate PPE
  • Safe travel plan, elevated and stowed
  • Authorized use and securing the MEWP from unauthorized use
  • Hazardous locations, flammables or explosive atmosphere
  • Occupant training
    • Fall protection
      • PPE requirements
    • Stability
      • How their actions effect the unit
    • Safe use of accessories they are assigned to use/operate
    • Site specific work rules and procedures
    • Hazards related to the task to be performed and how to avoid them
  • Function and controls MEWP, including emergency operations to the extent required to lower the MEWP


  • Walk-around familiarization
  • Identification and function of major components
  • Pre-start inspection
  • Worksite/environmental inspection
  • Planned route of travel
  • Setting the MEWP for work
  • Operation and function of all controls
    • Showing proficiency
  • Parking and securing the MEWP

Occupant Training

  • Anchor locations and limits
  • Manufacturers warning and instructions
  • General knowledge of the intended purpose and function of the MEWP controls and safety-related items specified by the manufacturer, including emergency shutdown and operations to the extent of lowering the MEWP to the ground/stowed position (This part of the training only needs to be conveyed to one other occupant in the platform)

Supervisor Training

  • Proper selection of MEWPs
  • Rules, regulations and standards that apply to the MEWPs; safe use as defined in A92.22; training, familiarization and work being performed
  • Hazards associated with the use of MEWPs and means to prevent and protect against them
  • Location and knowledge of the operator’s manual as an integral part of MEWPs and the proper storage in a weatherproof compartment

Records Retention
Dealers, owners, supervisors and occupants all must retain proof of training and familiarization for each classification training of MEWPs. Operator training, retraining and familiarization records need to be dated and retained for at least four (4) years, or for training at least as long as the training is valid. Records must include:

  • Training – Name of trainee, training entity, trainer and MEWP classification (group & type)
  • Familiarization – Name of persons receiving and providing familiarization, MEWP classification (group & type)

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