Basic Tools To Properly Maintain Snorkel Equipment

Basic Tools To Properly Maintain Snorkel Equipment

The tools required to maintain, troubleshoot and repair Snorkel equipment are simple and readily available. This helpful list includes basic hand tools needed as well as optional tools to assist service technicians with most repairs.

This overview includes a recommended, but not complete, list of tools required for most troubleshooting and repairs on high reach equipment. Please consult with Snorkel Product Support for any questions.


Required tools:

  • Hand tools
    Electrical Crimpers | Torque Wrenches
    Electrical Crimpers | Torque Wrenches
    • Standard and Metric
      • Wrenches / Combination Spanners
        • ¼” to 2”
        • 4mm to 36mm
      • Sockets
        • Shallow and deep
          • ¼” to 2”
          • 4mm to 36mm
      • Ratchets (varying types and sizes)
        • ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drives
        • ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drive extensions
      • Pliers (varying types and sizes)
      • Screwdrivers (varying types and sizes)
      • Hammers (varying types and sizes)
      • Chisels and punches
      • Allen key sets
        • Standard and metric
      • Wire strippers and crimpers (varying types and sizes)
    • Torque wrenches
      • 3/8” up to 80 ft-lb/110 Nm
      • ½” up to 250 ft-lb/340 Nm
      • 3/4” up to 600 ft-lb/815 Nm
    • Measuring tools
      • Tape measure
      • Dial or Digital Caliper / Vernier
        • 6”
        • 12”
    • Straight edge
      • 6”
      • 1 foot
      • 3 to 4 foot
    • DVOM (Digital Volt Ohm Meter)
      Amp Clamp | DVOM
      Amp Clamp | DVOM
      • Fluke 88 (recommended)
        • Varying types of leads and clips
        • Jumper wires
      • Amp clamp
    • Laptop
      • Engine diagnostic gateways
      • Engine software
    • Pressure gauges
      Digital Gauge | Glycerine Fill Gauge
      Digital Gauge | Glycerine Fill Gauge
      • Digital 0-10000 psi
      • Glycerin filled
        • 0-1000 psi
        • 0-5000 psi
    • Power tools (either battery or air powered)
      • ½” drive impact
      • 3/8” drive impact
      • ½” drill
      • Sander
      • Grinder
      • Cutoff tool
        • Straight
        • 90°

Optional tools:

EZ Cal | Flow Meter | Tap & Die Sets
EZ Cal | Flow Meter | Tap & Die Sets
  • EZ Cal handheld
  • Flow meter
    • 0-10 gpm/0-40Lpm
    • 4-40 gpm/15-150Lpm
  • Hydrometer (battery testing)
  • Refractometer (Antifreeze tester)
  • Tap and die sets
    • Standard and metric
  • Oil sample kits

For further assistance, contact Snorkel Product Support at (785) 989-3000.

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