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Snorkel OnSite

Snorkel OnSite


The Snorkel OnSite telematics module can be factory or field installed and activated on most Snorkel mobile elevating work platforms and telehandlers. Choose from two subscription packages:

Direct Data & API
For users with an existing telematics platform from Trackunit or other provider. Package includes:

  • Telematics module installation on equipment
  • API access for seamless integration – feed data into existing platform
  • 24-month or 60-month subscription to telematics data

Data & Dashboard
For new telematics users. All-inclusive package includes:

  • Telematics module installation on equipment
  • Access to a Trackunit telematics dashboard
  • 24-month or 60-month subscription to telematics data
Machine Data Non-CAN Bus CAN Bus
Machine Status (on/off) Y Y
Machine Hours Y Y
Machine Location Y Y
Battery Level Y Y


  • Connect & Go
    New Snorkel lifts are equipped with a compatible connection as standard for easy module installation and activation at the factory, by an official Snorkel distributor or at your location of choice.
  • Manage Your Fleet
    Mixed fleet capability allows you to integrate data to easily find and manage all your telematics-enabled equipment from a single dashboard. Receive real-time SMS alerts and email notifications on each machine’s health, hours and location.
  • Easier Service & Maintenance
    Factory installed sensors monitor machine health and operation. Remotely diagnose issues with precise technical data and analytics for proper scheduling of equipment repairs and maintenance.
  • Optimize Utilization
    Data is transmitted every 15 minutes for accurate analytics that allows you to maximize machine use, improve service planning and ROI. Manage billing and reduce service costs with data on true working time of elevation, driving, loading, idling, total run times, etc.
  • Secure Equipment
    Map and track machine location through real-time mobile monitoring to protect against theft and damage, and to ensure a safer work site.

    For added peace of mind, add an optional access control keypad to help prevent unauthorized use. Limit access by PIN code or RFID card to make sure only authorized personnel are using the equipment.


Onsite Telematics Brochure (PDF)

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The Trackunit module is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Powered by Trackunit

Trackunit is a leading supplier of fleet management solutions. Using telematics and communication devices, the mobile platform detects and collects data to track equipment, monitor machine health status, and connect stakeholders.