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German-Debut For New Snorkel Electric Scissor Lifts At Platformers’ Days

S3219E; S3226E; S4726E; S4732E; Electric Scissor Lifts; Ahern Deutschland; Roggermaier; Germany;

Hohenroda, Germany (11th September 2015)  Snorkel debuts their new electric slab scissor line to the German market at Platformers’ Days, which opens today. 

The new lifts, which were shown at The Rental Show in New Orleans in February, and in the UK at Vertikal Days in May, now make their first-appearance in Germany on the Ahern Deutschland stand at the Hohenroda-based event. 

The new hydraulic drive family includes four models: S3219E, S3226E, S4726E, and S4732E.   The S3219E provides 5.79m of platform height from a 0.81m wide chassis and can lift 250kg, while the taller S3226E delivers 7.9m of platform height can also lift 250kg.  The 1.2m wide S4726E can lift 454kg to 7.9m, and the S4732E can lift 350kg to 9.8m.  Non-marking tyres and saloon-style entry gates are fitted as standard. 

Designed to handle the tough conditions of the rental industry, these lifts are packed with innovative features which benefit both the rental company and the operator.  The new dual shear design scissor stack features oversized pins, which are over 80% stronger than the industry standard, to increase stack rigidity and increase the life of the machine. 

The platform is made from 2.7mm (12 gauge) diamond plate, eliminating the need for grip tape.  All models feature Snorkel’s new extension deck design which utilizes telescopic rails to maximize the floorspace of the platform, whether stowed or extended.  The extension decks have also been increased to provide additional outreach and a larger working platform.  The S3219E & S3226E features an industry-leading 0.91m extension deck, while the larger S4726E & S4732E have a 1.21m deck extension.

Upper controls are hard mounted to reduce loss and theft and the lower controls are positioned in the rear of the chassis, allowing easy access when machines are parked side-by-side.  A pendant control panel for loading is fitted to the external toeboard of the machine, allowing the operator to ‘walk’ the machine onto a truck, from a safe distance, without needing to be inside the platform.

With a focus on simplicity and durability, the lifts have a gravity-actuated, over-center active pothole protection system that does not rely on springs or hydraulics.  The kingpins have been enhanced by a factor of six to eliminate breakage, especially from forklifts when moving the machines.  The S3219E and S3226E both have 75mm kingpins and the S4726E and S4732E both have 100mm kingpins.  All new Snorkel slab scissor lifts have a 90° steering design.

Efficient maintenance is an important factor for customers, and the Snorkel scissor lifts feature an ‘inside-out’ tray design which makes light work of servicing the equipment.  All hydraulic and electrical components are able to rotate outside of the machine chassis for easy access.  With

two smaller side doors on each side of the lift instead of the traditional single large door, the operator is able to gain access to the machine components even when parked close to a wall or obstacle as only 0.46m of clearance is required.  The smaller door trays also carry less weight, meaning less strain on the door hinges.

The front side trays both contain batteries, which improve the overall machine balance.  The two rear side trays contain the hydraulic valve and hydraulic power unit.  There is a rear tray containing all electronics including the charger, controller, and contactors.  The tray is housed in heavy-duty 6mm (¼”) steel which provides additional protection to the electrical components and wiring.

The chassis features a solid plate underneath it to protect the undercarriage and a flat top to ensure that any debris falls onto the ground during power washing and does not remain within the machine.  Large, easily accessible tie down points are provided and a heavy-duty step is built into the chassis, enabling the use of a chain across it for tie down.

With 25% gradeability and a long duty cycle per charge, the new Snorkel series of electric slab scissor lifts are designed to deliver a long working life with minimal downtime and low maintenance costs.  Proportional motor and pump rotation conserve battery energy allowing for longer duty cycles as well as charging off the top of the battery, extending the overall life of the battery.

In June, German rental company, Roggermaier GmbH, became the first European customer for the new lifts, with an initial delivery of 50 units. 

The new scissor lifts are now in production in Snorkel’s UK-based manufacturing facility and are available to order via Ahern Deutschland at the show.

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