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Ahern Deutschland Hits The Road With Custom-Built Truck-Trailer

Ahern Deutschland Hits the Road with Custom-built Truck-trailerAhern Deutschland, the official provider for Snorkel lifts in Germany and Austria, has invested in a custom truck-trailer for product demonstrations.

Delivered to Ahern Deutschland in August 2019, the low loader features a custom Snorkel branded wrap covering two-thirds of the trailer. The trailer will be utilized in Germany, Austria and across Europe for Snorkel equipment demonstration roadshows and trade show deliveries.

The trailer measures 2.5m x 13.6m (8 ft. by 45 ft.) with a 21,000kg (21-ton) capacity, and can carry up to 25,000kg (25 tons) with a special permit. The large capacity is specially designed to carry combinations of Snorkel lifts in a single load, for example, the trailer could carry Snorkel 660SJ and 460SJ telescopic boom lifts, four A38E electric boom lifts, or 12 S3219E electric scissor lifts.

The trailer, which was custom designed and built by Meusburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH, includes a specially designed ramp that can carry up to 10,000kg (10 tons). Equipment can be driven onto the angled ramp, and then the ramp is lifted until it reaches a 90-degree horizontal position for the machines to be driven into the trailer, or secured onto the horizontal ramp platform for transport. This means that all kinds of equipment can be easily loaded into the trailer, including those with low ground clearance.

The ramp can also be fully stowed up to 70 degrees as required to shorten the overall length of the trailer, for example, for when navigating through cities and on tight jobsites.

Bernhard Kahn, Managing Director of Ahern Deutschland said, “We are thrilled with our new truck-trailer, which further enables us to support our customers with the ability to deliver large orders quickly, and also to showcase new products through demonstration roadshows. On behalf of Ahern Deutschland and Snorkel, I would like to thank Meusburger for their excellent cooperation and efforts in developing and building this custom design for us.”

The new truck-trailer is now in use by Ahern Deutschland, and Snorkel will be releasing details of upcoming European roadshows for 2020 in due course.

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